Inviting People to the Community

This community is open through invites and referrals, you are welcome to invite others. I ask that you take a few moments to consciously evaluate who you are inviting. Feel, sense, think, and know through your intuitive abilities if a person would fit in this space.

As I said in some other posts, there is no preset idea or label to fit in here, we are calling people who want to explore, express, and connect through their individuality in a supportive space. The criteria are abstract rather than something that can be stated plainly. I could layout questions to ask yourself or the other person , I could put restrictions, but all that would go against the essence of this space.

I encourage people in this space to feel into their natural capabilities of knowing, and also have the freedom to make mistakes. You felt someone was a good fit, they came on board for a while, it was a complete disaster for them and us. There will be plenty of discomfort. Thatā€™s perfectly fine. There will also be plenty everyone will get to learn from such events. And this would be the most natural way to grow.

The best part of being in a community like this is we get to support each other through what society deems and has taught us to judge as ā€˜failuresā€™, ā€˜mistakesā€™, and ā€˜problemsā€™. When a diverse community is available, different people are going to rise to different occasions and share their gifts to support and teach others ways to process and move through such ā€˜learning opportunitiesā€™.

This is not just a space for like-minded people. We encourage diversity and different-minded people to join and together we will build the trust that we have the resources and capabilities to ride through the waves on the ocean of life.

As with all guidelines, this is open for feedback, discussion, and evolution.

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