Content Sharing and Personal Promotion

In general, I don’t wish to put restrictions on sharing content, whether it is your own or content from others. What I suggest is to share the content along with your own opinion. Just sharing an article will make this space another facebook / twitter. I want to encourage personal expression.

Where you share is up to you. If you feel something is relevant to an ongoing discussion, add it to the conversation. If you feel like creating a new post, that’s fine too. If you feel there is a theme / category that doesn’t exist, go ahead and request one and I’ll be happy to make that space.

Art is especially welcome. More so if it’s your own. You can use #creator or #artist tags to share your creations.

As a diverse group of members, we are also creators and service providers, which is why I encourage you to share what you do. I ask you to be respectful while sharing. Don’t spam everyone and sell your products / services blatantly. Share what you do / create. If people feel attracted, let them reach out to you.

Instead of going the traditional route of sales and marketing, let’s try to do this in more natural ways and appeal to deeper values. Offer your service as a trial and if people like it they can ask for more. Share how your product can help someone and let them reach out to you.

I also ask that you only share a product / service once. Please be respectful and don’t flood the community with your offerings. You can create a few different posts if there is a lot of diversity in what you offer. Also, because there is a diversity of offerings, each is going to be evaluated on it’s own merit. If we feel you are overstepping then we will notify you and ask you to change.

If you are unsure, you can always ask and clarify.
If members have suggestions or feel like this is incomplete or too open, please share your feedback. As always, if we find that this guideline needs to evolve, we will update as required.

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