Community Guidelines Overview

I will be outlining the basic guidelines that I feel would make this a constructive and respectful space where all members feel free to share and express themselves. These are based on my experiences and everything I have learned as a facilitator working with diverse groups.
You can find the guidelines under #Community-Guidelines.

At the same time, a single perspective is always incomplete. So these guidelines are open to discussion with the community and open to evolution as the community expands in size and grows as a collective being over time. It is important as community members to see this space / group as a living organism that will have it’s own phases and growth cycles. It is up to each member to play their role in maintaining the health and balance of this being.

Visualize it as an amorphous, shapeless being that has the potential to expand in any and every way, a potential that can be activated by the members of the collective - very much like the well-functioning organs and limbs of a body. Every member is invited to step up and make this space their own and share the responsibility of growing together.