A Community of Individuals

The world we live in today appears to be more connected than ever due to the significant contributions made by technology. Yet, undoubtedly, loneliness, isolation, and fragmentation are felt more than ever before by increasing numbers of people worldwide.

Two of the fundamental social human requirements are connection and belonging. And yet we scoff upon those who show vulnerability with these needs by projecting weakness onto them. While secretly we crave that open connection and belonging that we are being starved of in every moment.

There are a variety of contributing factors - one of the primary causes being the polarization we are witnessing in the world today, which has leaked through to every online social platform. Another important factor is label-focused communities.

Online communication is boiling down to “Us vs Them”, “My way or the highway”, and other bizarre forms of individual and collective narcissism. There is no longer a desire to understand the perspectives and backgrounds of others.

In a space of increasing hostility, everyone is forced to retreat into micro-echo-chambers.

Which brings up the second factor for increasing loneliness and fragmentation: label-oriented communities.

There are more “communities” today than ever before, whether they are in the virtual or physical space. But one thing characteristic of most communities is that they are limited to a specific identification. To give some examples, you have travel, diet, racial identification, gender identification, profession, religion, conformist spirituality, mental health, and a variety of others. The point to highlight here is that unless you identify with one of these labels, you are left in the middle ground that feels absurdly void.

There are almost no communities that give space to explore and share every aspect of our individuality while being in a supportive collaborative space. We are forced to compartmentalize and show only parts of who we are, or we get judged as being inappropriate through the lenses of wounded egos. We are being forced to choose sides, at an external level, and at an internal level.

This is why we have created this space as “A community of Individuals”, a space which celebrates the whole individual, not just “acceptable” parts of them. There is no need to conform to any preconceived notions in here. We are fully looking forward to seeing your full true form, even if it makes us uncomfortable. This space is for us to grow and expand the definition of being human while being respectful of each other.