Hasil Pengumuman Ujian Bahasa Korea 2013

Hasil Pengumuman Ujian Bahasa Korea 2013 - Ptk guru, Simulasi ukg online 2014 (views:7329) setelah dilaksanakan dua kali (tahun 2012 dan 2013), kemdiknas akan kembali menggelar ukg online (uji kompetensi guru) tahun. Pengumuman cpns 2013: daftar nama-nama pemerintah daerah, Pengumuman cpns 2013: daftar nama-nama pemerintah daerah (pemda) yang membuka lowongan cpns 2013 – ppci. Pusat informasi pengumuman lowongan cpns 2014, Pengumuman lowongan cpns 2014, cpns 2014, penerimaan pendaftaran cpns, ujian cpns, tes soal cpns, soal cpns, pegawai daerah, pemkot, provinsi, kementerian indonesia.


The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)GmbH is a German international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. PAKLIM, a Program advising and supporting the national government, local governments and industries with climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives. Our Work Area 4 in Climate Education and Awareness, is looking for

Technical Advisor
Working area 4 aims at the support of innovative learning materials and (curricula-) approaches to consider climate change (inclusive teacher-education and pilot schools), encourage school campaigns and to undertake initiatives outside schools, especially in cooperation with CSO, youth initiatives and media.

A. Responsibilities
§ Maintaining an overall good flow of communication and information between all involved institutions, mainly counterparts on national and local level providing professional advice to partners and cooperating with important stakeholders.
§ Assisting the counterparts as well as partners on local level in implementing climate change education measures in regard to sustainable development, adaptation and mitigation according to their financial capacity Supporting pilot projects at schools, in communities and with scouts within the framework of the green school movement
§ Identifying needs of possible pilot schools and/or pilot communities in pilot cities/regions and developing pilot projects and pilot tools to strengthen mainstreaming climate change education/awareness strategies on national level and in selected pilot areas (e.g. Central Java, DIY, East Java)
§ Ensuring cross-school information exchange; and ensuring knowledge transfer on national level to counterparts and relevant partners on local level.
§ Identifying existing funds for CCE and compiling preparing and disseminating relevant knowledge for access to partners by means of workshops, seminars, training modules, reports etc.
§ Supporting the identification and elaboration of experimental learning methods and relation of those to experimental education
§ Support the identification and development of CCE modules as well as the standard for CCE modules
§ Integrating results and experience into PAKLIMs teamwork and the work of all relevant groups

Special responsibilities:
§ Support coordination of possible 3rd party financed pilot projects
§ Identification and communication of developed recommendations for curricula development and further identification of possible modules to be developed

B. Tasks
1. Professional advisory services
§ Support project planning for the component by developing concepts and strategies, ensure implementation
§ Actualize and coordinate the planning continuously together with counterparts
§ Take part in the formulation of project planning and facilitate synchronization between the planning, and budgeting system
§ Facilitate the process of investigation, assessment, study and analysis in the area of climate change education that is needed by the project, the local and national government, and non-governmental institutions
§ Contributing to the monitoring activities and ensuring timely reporting to the team leader and counter parts
§ Evaluate results of activities and give input/feed-back for better implementation.
§ Being responsible for the preparation, execution and documentation of training, workshops, forums, meetings, and other project activities together with the partner institutions
§ Go on repeated and extensive field visits to the regions in accordance with the requirements of the project

2. Networking and cooperation
§ Develop and maintain communication with all relevant stakeholders on national level and in the selected regions
§ Develop network and build cooperation with relevant development partners or institutions

3. Knowledge management

§ Support the coordination of the programs knowledge management activities, especially the knowledge transfer to the different partner institutions
§ Ensure that lessons learned are documented
§ Monitoring and regular reporting of the activities within the area of module development and other tasks assigned by the team leader.

4. Coordination tasks
§ Responsible for the timely compilation, documentation, verification and reporting of project related activities including project administration.
§ Responsible for monitoring and evaluation of project activities based on the results chains
§ Support to all team members of component 4 when necessary and appropriate.
§ Supporting coordination of project activities in the regions

C. Required qualifications, competences and experience
§ Bachelor/BA in International Relation or Management and comparable working experience, with a focus on a relevant field (Energy, Waste, Environmental of Climate Education etc.)

Professional experience
§ 2 5 years professional experience, with at least 2 years professional experience in a comparable position

Other knowledge, additional competences
§ very good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office, Knowledge Tree)
§ fluent written and oral knowledge of the European language widely used in the country
§ willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed corresponding measures are agreed with management

Duty Station : Jakarta

Please submit your comprehensive resume to recruitment@paklim.org by 24.10.2013

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